Walk the red carpet into a luxurious boutique fitness studio!
Located in Beverly Hills, this venue makes the perfect yet exclusive spot to achieve creative greatness in a fitness type of way.

The Deets...

Capacity: 16 people
Equipment :
4 Treadmills
4 Water rowers/
4 Sets of Competition Kettlebells
1 Boxing Bag/
12 pairs of Boxing Gloves
Booty Bands 10+
4 Reebok Benches
6 Bosu Balls
6 Medicine slam balls 10lbs & 12lbs
12 Sets of Dumbbells(5lb-50lb)
6 different fluorescent light fixtures (red, pink, yellow, blue, purple, exuberant red,
72’ Flatscreen
Desk with MacBook Air
Mini refrigerator
12 Foam Rollers
18 Mini Lockers

Royal logo backdrop for photographing

1 Booty Sprout Machine
1 Agility Ladder
4 Mini Bosu’s
12 resistance bands
4 Ab Wheels
2 chairs

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